Thursday, January 8, 2015

Things I Don't Understand

  • Why people get jealous when someone is happy or successful - if you want to be happy or successful you should do something to achieve it instead of getting jealous.
  • Why people, mostly women don't like saying their age - why? Age is just a number and you should be happy you are still alive after all those years.
  • Why people talk bad about others - if you feel the need to talk bad about others then you definitely should do something with yourself because you are not happy with yourself or with your life.
  • Why people feel like they can abuse of others including animal - Why do people do that? Why can't we just love everything around us. I love animals more than humans because in my opinion they are better because all they want is LOVE!
  • Why we feel like we need material things - I could have nothing other than my family, nature and animals and I would still be happy.
  •  Why there's so much hate and violence - Why can't we love each other ? Why do we have to judge others? Why can't we help others? Why people think that your sexual preference makes you different, makes you a bad person? Why?
  • Why we live the way that we live - Are we really meant to be born, go to school, work for the rest of your life and then just die? There a whole world with beautiful places and things to do but we are just meant to work like slaves? I don't think so!
  • Why we don't challenge ourselves - Why don't we learn how to use every part of our brain. We only use a tiny percentage of our brain, if we learned how to use it 100 %  there would be so many amazing things we could do.
  • Why we need money - Without money we would have everything we need and there wouldn't be hunger or homeless people.
  • Why we hurt people even if we love them - If you love someone why would you hurt them even when it's not physical but emotionally.  
  • Why we have war - Why do we kill and have war?  We could help each other and  spread LOVE! 

There are so many other things that I could mention but that's all I;m going to share for now. 

What are some things you don't understand? 


  1. Lovely post.
    I do not understand the world either.
    Lets try to make our blogs the happy places people come to when they feel exactly the same, and do not understand all the harm and bad things of this world.

  2. What a very thought-provoking post! I think many of these things are what make us human, in a counter-productive way. We've tried to make sense of the world by creating a strict routine and order, especially in more Western cultures.
    Some very interesting ideas you've picked up on here
    Megan x