This blog is PR friendly, I’d love to hear from you! If you want to involve my blog in any of the following, please don’t hesitate to email:
Sponsored posts and links
I will always accept sponsored posts/links as long as they are relevant to my blog’s theme/aim.
I will host sponsored posts if it’s mutually beneficial. Please email me with a budget and time scale.

Samples and reviews
FASHION: I am more than happy to review/promote fashion items on my blog, as long as it’s something I would wear normally. I will feature clothes etc in an outfit post, or in some other way on my blog which can be discussed. Posts are likely to be live within 2 weeks, but I am happy to discuss time scales over email.
BEAUTY: My blog is very beauty centered and reviewing beauty products is always one of my favorites! I like to test out skincare products for at least 10 days, usually two weeks, so please be aware a review may take up to three weeks to go live. Body, hair and makeup products may take less time, as their effects can be seen quicker.
OTHER: Other things like electronic  products, , lifestyle products,  gadgets, baby products etc may feature on this blog, providing they fit in. I will consider a wide variety of items.

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