Friday, August 15, 2014

Pregnancy Tag.

Hello beauties

I'm sorry I haven't been posting frequently this week but I have been busy going to doctors appointments, taking care of other things and dealing with some weird things that have been going on in the city I live in. Because of the situation I might not be able to post anything for a few days so I wanted to share a little something just so you guys would have something to read.

Let's get started!

1. How far along are you?

Right now I'm 37 weeks which means I'm 9 months. Fun fact: You're pregnant for 40 weeks which means you are pregnant for 10 months and not 9.

2. How did you find out?

This might sound weird but I found out because I had a dream were an older person told me I was pregnant and I took a pregnancy test that day and I was actually pregnant.

3. Morning sickness?

Not at all!

4. Do you wear maternity clothes?

Nope, I don't really like them.

5. Do you have any stretch marks?

Not yet :)

6. Problems sleeping?

No, I can sleep all day and night if they let me!

7. Best moment this week?

The best moment this week was having the doctor confirm the baby is growing good and healthy.

8. Do you miss anything?

I miss drinking coffee, having an energy drink, eating medium rare steaks...

9. Movement?

There is a lot of movement going on. The baby just doesn't stop moving haha

10. Food cravings?

The only cravings that I had were gumballs, Oreos and Kfc.

11. Anything making you queasy or sick?


12. Is your belly button in or out?

My belly button is definitely out!

13. Are you happy or moody most of the time?

Sadly to say I have been very moody since being pregnant. I feel bad for my lovely fiance who was to deal with me.

14. Are you finding out the gender? If yes, do you already know the gender?

Yes! It's a girl!!!!!

15. Labor signs?

Not yet! Hopefully she will wait until her due date.

16. What are you looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to just holding her for the first time!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this, if you have any other questions just leave a comment and I will answer it the best I can.

Yari. Xo

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