Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Favorite Youtubers

Hello friends today I wanted to talk about my favorite YouTubers. I love watching YouTube and and I do it at least once everyday so I can watch the new videos. I know we are all pretty much addicted to YouTube so that's why I'm making this post!

 So let's get started!

The DLV (Danny Duncan in Real Life)
He is the We The Kings drummer! I love We The Kings so that is pretty cool. He daily vlogs with his lovely girlfriend Lindsey and their dog Mr. King. They are fun and silly and I really enjoy watching them everyday!

The CTFxC 

I have been watching Charles Trippy since he started on YouTube around 7 years ago! He daily vlogs as well with his girlfriend and his two dogs. He is the bass player for We The Kings. He is a pretty cool guys and he has been through a lot. He had brain surgery and he vlogged the whole surgery and it is on his channel for everyone to see. They are very fun and also silly and his parents are awesome! 


Lindsey is the sweetest girl ever! She has a beauty channel and a vlogging channel. I watch both of them! She lives in Hong Kong with her husband and 9 months old son. She was born around the same time I was and my daughter is just 2 weeks older than her son so i really enjoy seeing how he grows. She makes really cute everyday makeup tutorials.


She has a beauty and vlog channel. I enjoy watching both of her channels. I have to be honest at first I didn't care about her videos that much but after watching a few videos I started to like her and now she is one of my favorite ones. She loves to change her hair color all the time and I love it because i used to do the same. She has two little girls and my daughter enjoys watching her vlogs.

Colleen Ballinger

She has two channels and you may know her a Miranda Sings. I love her vlog channel because she is just so nice and funny and her family is very cute. Her Fiance, sister and brother are Youtubers as well. She is very talented and has a beautiful voice and so does her Fiance . 

Joshua Evans from JoshuaDTV

He is Colleen's Ballinger Fiance so if you watch her videos you already know him. He is a very happy and talented guy as well. He can sing and has shows where he plays music and sings with his friends. He is a daily vlogger.

Ingrid Nilsen

She is so lovely! I have been watching her for years. She has a beauty channel and her videos are always lovely! She recently made a video saying that she is gay and I was very happy for her because she is happy now. She also has the cutest cat ever!!!


Well pretty much everyone knows her! She is such a lovely girl. She has a daily vlog and a beauty channel as well as a blog. She wrote a book and is already writing a new one. I love all her beauty videos. She is so nice and her videos are so good. I love watching her tutorials and hauls but I also watch her vlogs. I am in love with her two guinea pigs and her cute little dog!


Bunny is very different than all the other YouTubers that I watch. She is cute, funny and has her own style. She loves all the supernatural stuff and likes to keep things real. I like her because if she doesn't feel like wearing makeup and getting all dressed up for a video she won't and you can see her just the way she is. My daughter loves watching her videos with me and one of my favorite videos from her are the "Does this thing really works" videos! Go check her out! You will love her!


April has 3 channels a daily vlog, cooking and a beauty channel. I personally love all of her channels and I love her personality. She is always so happy and positive and so is her husband Justin. I have been watching her videos for a few years now and I never miss one of her videos because she just puts me in a better mood whenever I'm having a bad day. Her son Liam is so cute and my daughter loves watching him everyday. Her husband has a channel as well. They have 3 cats and they are so sweet and their families are so nice and loving. You should totally check them out!

The Shaytards 

They are such an amazing family! They are very loving but also fun. They have been making videos from about 7 years. They have 5 cute kids and a lot of pets! They recently bought 5 cows! They have such a great relationship with their families and they just make my day a little better. My daughter loves watching their videos since they have 5 kids she has many kids to look at and she gets excited every time she sees them.

Link to the YouTube Channels:

Colleen Ballinger:

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