Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Breastfeeding Controversy

I never talk about this with you guys but I breastfeed my daughter. Since I started breastfeeding I have notice how our society thinks and feels about breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public. Now a days most mothers just give formula in a bottle to their babies and yes, I do understand that not everyone can breastfeed because maybe they have a medical condition which doesn't allow them to do so but to be honest it seems as now our society thinks that the normal and natural thing to do is give formula to our child. I am not going to lie, I never thought that I would breastfeed my child before I was pregnant but after I fount out I was expecting I started to read a lot about how my baby was growing, how to take care of a child, how to fulfill all her needs and pretty much about everything I need to know. One day I meet a lady and she invited me to go to her breastfeeding class and to be honest I thought I wasn't going to go because I used to work and was always very busy but I decided to call her to get the address and let her know that I was going to her class. I am very happy I made it to that class! I learned so much about all the good things breastfeeding can do for your child and even for you. After I took the class I was considering breastfeeding but to be honest I wasn't so sure because I thought it was going to be weird or I would feel uncomfortable having a baby sucking on my nipple. A few days later I had my daughter and as soon as I went to hold her I knew I wanted to breastfeed and as soon as she felt my skin against hers she immediately reached for my breast and started to eat. I was very surprised because she ate for two hours until she fell asleep. 

I originally thought that I was going to breastfeed my daughter for 3 to 4 months but then I just kept going because it makes me so happy to see how much she is growing and I love knowing that I am helping her by proving her with all the nutrients that she needs and also because of the bond that you develop with your child! I wish I could tell you guys how amazing it is but to be honest you won't really understand until you try it for yourself. As the months passed by I had to do things outside our home and I had to breastfeed in public at first I felt very uncomfortable but then I just got used to it. I always use a cover up or a big blanket because I like to have my privacy. My daughter is now 9 months and I still breastfeed her. I have notice that people tend to give breastfeeding moms weird looks while they are breastfeeding in public and some people even get offended when they see a mother breastfeeding their child in public. I find that totally ridiculous and it really makes me sad because we are not trying to offend anyone, we are just trying to feed our child because they are hungry. I have also notice that sometimes some mans would try to look at your breast even when you have a cover up, it makes me so angry because all I want to do is to feed my child which is such a beautiful thing.

They main questions that breastfeeding mothers get all the time are.... When are you going to stop breastfeeding?  Don't you think your child is too old to breastfeed? Why are you still breastfeeding? 
Everywhere I go I get one of those questions and I am going to breastfeed my daughter until she decides she doesn't want to breastfeed anymore. Why do I get to pick the time if she is the one getting all the benefits from breastfeeding and you can definitely tell she still wants to do so. I do understand how some people think that if you don't stop then they never will but they do eventually. Believe me I understand! The other day I was reading about a mother who was breastfeeding her 47 years old son! I know, I know, it is ridiculous and that's why they should stop while they are still kids even if they are 5 to 6 years old because I think it is way better than a 47 year old who still eats from his mother's breast. 

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and I really wish people could see it as a normal thing to do because it is. I am very passionate about breastfeeding so if any of you need help or want more information about it you can contact me personally or I could make more breastfeeding related posts if you guys like them.  

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