Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby OOTD | The Blue Jumpsuit

 Hello friends!

Here is another baby OOTD. As you see in the pictures she is wearing a blue jumper from Carters. You may be wondering why she's wearing that when I said on my Twitter that we got snow, well the thing is that our heather is a little cray cray and it's either too hot or too cold. It's been so warm in our room that I swear it feels like summer time. I took that in my advantage and let her wear the outfits my family member sent her, so there you go. 

Love, Yari.


  1. If it's warm over there can I come visit?! haha So cold here!
    But what a little darling! SO cute. I love that outfit and headband combo!


    1. Haha sure come visit but we would have to stay in my house because that's the only warm place but I'm pretty sure it's not as cold as where you live! Thank you very much ! :)


  2. She's looks so cute! Such a lovely post.

    Katie xx