Friday, May 29, 2015


Okay guys, let's be honest we are all insecure about something, including myself. I am currently so insecure about my smile. It is very ridiculous! I never want to smile around others and i just hate it. I am actually very excited to have a dentist appointment very soon because I'm tired of hiding my smile and just because I had a little accident and chipped a tooth and I think I look so ugly and it has change the way I interact with people since I am always trying not to smile or not to let them see my teeth. I know it sounds very stupid but for me my smile is very important! Have you ever had does dreams where your teeth just start to fall off? I have them all the time and they make me feel so scared! On top of that I have been having a stye on my eye. Once again my eyes are one of the things I love about myself and it drives me insane that it's taking so long to heal but I am very happy to see that it is getting better and it's almost gone. All this time i have been trying to stay at home just so people wont look at me in a weird way. I hate how people just look at you like you are disgusting or a monster! I'm sorry I'm not perfect but let me remind you that we all get things like this and we just have to deal with it. People will always have something to say about you or the way you look so this have thought me that I shouldn't care about what they think because this things are not permanent, yes they may take a long time to get better but I promise it will get better. Don't be hard on yourself just because you are going through something like this. I know it is hard and it might make you be depressed but it will get better! Don't listen to rude people on focus on something else. It doesn't matter if they say you are too skinny, too fat, ugly, your eyes are too big, you wear too much makeup, you have really bad acne or anything else because you are beautiful just the way you are and no one has the right to judge you! Remember that we all have insecurities and we are not perfect! Don't let your insecurities define you!

You are beautiful! 

If you are going through something like this or have any insecurities and would like to talk to someone feel free to email me or contact me through social media! 

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