Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beabies Teething necklace and bracelet

Details about the teething necklace and bracelet:

SAFE FOR BABY: The teething necklace and bracelet are made of 100% food grade silicone and is BPA-Free, FDA approved, PVC-Free, Latex-Free, Rubber-Free, Lead-Free silicone. It contains no vinyl, phthalates, plastic, nitrosamines, cadmium, or heavy metals. They are taste and smell-free. 100% safe for your infant.
SOOTHES TEETHING PAIN: Forget about toxic remedies like teething gel and tablets. Soft, chewy beads provide natural pain relief for your baby's teeth. It can also be frozen or placed in the freezer so your little one can chew on cold beads.
LOOKS GREAT ON MOMMY: Moms can wear this teething bling like jewelry. Available in different colors, they can be matched to your outfit. Better than baltic amber and great alternative to teether toys and animals like Sophie the giraffe, teething bibs, pacifier, blanket, towel, books, ring, keys or toothbrush.
KEEPS BABY OCCUPIED: Like a toy, it can keep your baby entertained while being held or carried. It can keep your baby from pulling your hair or face while nursing.
EASY TO CLEAN: Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and care. It can also be boiled for sterilization.

This teething necklace and bracelet are made by the same company that made the teething toys that I reviewed previously. They are made with the same material and work just as well as the toys. This are great for those mom who love to wear jewelry and have problems with their babies always trying to eat or put your jewelry in their mouth  because this is designed especially for your baby. Just like with the toys make sure to boil them before your baby plays with this for the first time and always clean after they have been used. My daughter actually never let's me wear this necklace or bracelet because she rather wear them herself. She loves playing with this while we are at home and when shes not playing with her favorite teething toy which happens to be one of the toys made by this company that I already reviewed. They are available in four different colors such as blue, black, magenta and turquoise. I picked the turquoise color because I thought it was great for spring and summer. They are sold on Amazon for $19.97, I will have the link down below.  



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