Monday, March 2, 2015

Target Haul

Hello friends!
As you guys may already know I recently moved literally next to Target. I'm so close to it that I can see it through my window. It is great but at the same time it's tempting because they have so many things and so many great deals I just can't contain myself. As you may already notice by the title of this post I went shopping the other day but to my surprise I'm not the only one who is in love with Target. I notice that my fiance loves going to Target even though he hates shopping and being in stores. I found it funny that even this morning I found him looking for an excuse to go to Target and the best excuse he could find was that he needed a new razor and after he came back home I notice he bought a few more things and guess what he forgot? well he forgot the razors. Anyways without further due I will share with you a few things that we bought at Target.

Room Essentials- 8 Cube Organizer $44.99

Room Essentials- Punched Stick Lamp $16.99 

Room Essentials- Black Framed Mirror $5.99

Infantino Swift Soft Baby Carrier- On Clearance for $8.00

Black & Decker Full Size Food Processor- On Clearance for $19.99

Evenflo Exersaucer Doorway Jumper $19.99

Baby Books $1

We actually bought a few more things but they are just little things like silverware, nursing bra, bowls, trashcans and food so I decided to leave that out lol. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Until next time! 

Love, Yari. 

Link to the products:

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