Monday, February 2, 2015

Coosh Mobile Power | Review

I was so excited to receive this product because I use my tablet so much when I go places, I swear it only last a few hours before it's about to die and I need the tablet because I have a baby app that I use constantly so I just can't let it die! Coosh Mobile Power it's great to take anywhere since it is very small in size. I have been taking it with me in my daughters diaper bag and I used it quite a few times to charge my tablet as well as my fiances ipod. You can pretty much charge any electronic devices that charge with a USB cord and it's so convinient because you can charge 2 things at the sa e time. Before using it for the first time make sure to charge it. The mobile oper have 4 LED lights that let you know the status of the battery. It also says that it is very important to fully charge it every 4 months. It has a capacity of 13000mAh which allows you to charge multiple devices, multiple times. It also have a protection system againts overcharging, overloading and short circuit. I would recommend this if you are always on the go, use your phone all day or travel a lot. This product is available on Amazon and it retails for $29.99

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