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Imagen Salon Formula Hair Products Review

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The Stephan Co. to Launch Imágen™ Salon Formula for Growing Latina Hair Care Market

TAMPA BAY, FL (Sept 30th, 2014) – The Stephan Co., a leading developer of quality hair and skin care products, today unveiled Imágen, a game-changing new hair care line designed specifically 
with the Latina consumer in mind.
Ideal for those occasions when you absolutely need cabello perfecto (perfect hair), Imágen Salon Formula consists of six, salon quality hair care products: Moisturizing Shampoo – containing avocado oil and botanicals to naturally revive dry, damaged hair (12 oz); Strengthening Conditioner – formulated to penetrate the hair shaft, instantly detangling and smoothing even problem hair (12 oz); Leave-in Conditioner – a protein-enriched complex that restores moisture and softness (12 oz); Temporary Straightener – a straightening and shining formula to temporarily remove curl and frizz without harsh chemicals (12 oz); Shine – a weightless mist that adds brilliant shine (3.4 oz) and Anti-Frizz Serum – a greaseless finishing balm to tame ‘frizzies’ and seal split ends (3.4 oz). All products: MSRP$7.99.
The Stephan Co. also offers Imágenin value sizes for the entire family, including an Aloe Vera-based Shampoo (20 oz), Conditioner (20 oz), and Extra Hold Styling Gel (20 oz). All products: MSRP$4.99. 

Moisturizing Gel Shampoo

This shampoo was supposed to be very moisturizing but it wasn't, well at least not for my hair. It contains Avocado Oil to help replenish essential moisture and reduce frizz. I was very excited to try all of this products but I was very disappointed with most of the products. Most of the products didn't work for my hair type at all plus I am extremely picky when it comes to hair products. This shampoo was so bad for my hair. It made my hair feel clean but it made my hair dry, to the point that when I came out of the shower my hair was dry already and normally it takes a few hours for my hair to get dry. I washed my hair a few times after using this product and I'm still trying to get my hair back to normal because it feels so dry, like if it was damaged from using heat styling tool which is not since I have been leaving my hair natural for over a year now. I won't be using this shampoo ever again, it was very disappointing. I also didn't like the gel consistency of the shampoo or the smell at all.     
Leave- in Conditioner 

This leave- in conditioner was supposed to restore moisture, softness and also detangle your hair. The constancy of this is so watery, it feels like you are applying a sticky kind of water. I don't know about you, but I like my leave- in conditioners to be creamy and very moisturizing. This product wasn't
anything I would buy for my hair. Sadly to say it didn't give my hair the moisture my hair needs, it didn't make it soft and instead of detangling my hair it made my hair tangle like never before. I rarely get tangles but after using this my hair is tangled all the time and also dry, it is very frustrating because I had very soft, nice and beautiful healthy hair and now because of this products my hair is the total opposite and a hot mess.  

Hair Strengthening Conditioner

This is supposed to be for superior shine and manageability. It does make your hair shinny but nothing major, you have to be very close to my hair to even notice, I can't say the same about the manageability because it doesn't give you any. Once again this conditioner is not creamy, it is more liquid almost like the shampoo. It did nothing good for my hair so that's all I have to say about it. 

Temporary Straightener

Like I said earlier I have been leaving my hair natural for over a year and I wasn't about to ruin that just for this product so I had my fiance try this one out. This one is also a liquid consistency and there's not much to say about it other than it does the job but it doesn't control frizz like it says it does.


This one is a high gloss mist to add shine. There's nothing bad about this one, I am actually still using this product to add a little bit of shine since it doesn't add that much shine but you only need a little bit or it will make your hair look greasy. 

Anti- Frizz Serum

This serum is supposed to protect against frizz and seal split ends. I am currently still using this one and I do enjoy it. It does what it claims to do but I would not use it after using their shampoo because your hair is going to get very frizzy.

When they contacted me to review their products I was very excited to try them out but as you can already tell it didn't work so great for my hair. I would not say that this products had a Salon Formula at all. I would give them a tip, instead of making a product for Latinas you should make a product depending on the hair type because not every hair is the same and not every product will work for everyone. I think this products are better for a person who has very oily and greasy hair. Their products are available at Target if any of you would like to try this.  I will have the links to their pages down below.

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