Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getting a pet for Christmas?

Are you planning on giving someone a pet for Christmas?

Before you answer or actually buy they pet I would like to remind you a few things that you should keep in mind.

Are you or that person going to take care of that pet? 
That means you have to make a commitment to do everything that has to be done for that pet to be happy and healthy. You need to have time to take care of them, teach them, clean them, take them to the doctor, give them food, love them, play with them and never abuse them.  

Also remember! Animals are like us! They have feelings, they are intelligent, they need affection and much more. You are NOT better than them, We are equals!

Unlike humans, they will always love you, they will always be there, they are grateful, they are very forgiving and even though they can't talk like we can, they try to make you happy and show you how much they love you and how much you mean to them. 

Animals are not just pets, they are family members. After bringing one home would you get rid of it because it ate your food (the food that you left on the coach without thinking), because it pooped on the floor (because you didn't teach them or didn't let them out) or just because you are having a bad day and they want to play and give you love (that's their way of trying to make you happy since they can't just talk to you about how bad your day was).

Please, please, please! Before going to the pet store and spending hundreds of dollars, why don't you go to your local animal shelter? Those animals need love too! Give them the best gift of their lives, the thing they want the most, a loving family and a place to call home. Please at least think about it, give them a chance. They would be grateful for the rest of their lives. They need a family too!

Please don't get animals if you are not going to take care of them or if you are going to hurt them. They don't deserve that!

Adopt an animal this holidays!


  1. This post make me love you even more! <3


  2. I really like your post! a bit diffen't that all the holiday look stuff.
    I agree with you, getting a pet sounds fun but it is a big responsibility! I think a lot of people do not understand that.

    lots of love ( and an early marry Christmas)