Monday, November 10, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things Tag

Hello friends

I hope everyone is doing great. In the last few days I have been busy working on my new laptop, trying to get everything that I need to start blogging again as well as getting everything ready to open my Etsy store soon. Since I didn't just want to stop blogging or wanted you guys to think that I was going to stop so here is a little post.

1. Products/things: My new laptop and Nutella.

2. Foods: Chicken Alfredo and cheesecake.

3. Places:  The beach, Hershey Park.

4. Things you'd miss if you didn't have them:  Music, laptop and my bed.

5. Things you do when you're bored: Read, sing, watch movies, go for walks.
6. Things you enjoy when it's sunny:  Going for a nice walk or pretty much being out of the house.

7. Films: Sleepy Hollow and any Tim Burton movie.

8. Songs:  The story left untold by Every Avenue and Only place I call home by Every Avenue.

9. Brands: Benefit, Too Faced , NYX.

10. Outdoor things you like: Pretty much everything.

11. Events:  New Years celebrations.

12. Cartoons:  I don't really watch tv but when I do I enjoy watching   Adventure Time.

13. Buildings:  Museums and Historical buildings.

14. Anything in everyday life: Spending time with my daughter and making her smile.

15. Traits in a person: Honesty and Humor. 

16. Influences: Bloggers, Youtubers.

17. Drinks: Hot chocolate.

18. Experiences:  I don't know.

19. Things to watch: AprilJustinTv daily vlogs 

20. Youtubers: April Athena 7, Bubzbeauty, Zoella, CTFxC and Danny Duncan

22. Books: The girl in a box series, A job from hell Series and Evergreen series.

I tag everyone who's reading this!


  1. Haha I love the contrast in #1...laptop and nutella! lol
    I love the beach too, so lucky to live close to so many lovely ones...although they are different to beaches in the likes of Spain and stuff, those beaches are even better!

    And oh my god I didn't even realize that I was included in this!!! Eeekk, how amazing to be one of your favorite things <3<3 Thank you, so, so, much!! :D


    1. Haha yeah. Lucky you! I'm not near the beach at all and I would love to go to Spain and all those beautiful places! You are very welcome! I really do enjoy your blog. You are a really good blogger. :) xoxo

  2. I love CTFxC and Danny Duncan! I met them both last week and they're so nice! I haven't gotten to watch most of their vlogs but I'm slowly catching up :) Great post!
    x Heidi

    1. Lucky you! Hopefully one day I will meet them because I can tell they are great guys. I watch them everyday, I always make sure to have a few minutes just to watch their Vlogs. :) Thank you!!! xoxo