Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Did you know makeup expires too?

Hello beauties!

There's a lot of girls out there still using their old makeup and wondering why they are suddenly breaking out... Well didn't you know that makeup expires just like food does? If not, now you know and I will tell you how long they last before they expire.


Mascara last for 2 - 3 months. You can tell your mascara is going bad when the smell change and it gets clumpy. Always check your mascara since it's an eye product, you don't want your eyes to get irritated!

Liquid foundation and concealer

They last 6 - 12 months. You know it is time to throw them out if it has separated into layers or the color has lightened.

Lipsticks and lip gloss

Lipsticks last 2 years while lip gloss last 1 year. If you notice your lipstick has become dry or your gloss is extra sticky you know it's time to get rid of them and get some new ones.

Powder, eye shadow and blush

They last up to 2 years. Expired powders tend to be more dry and flaky.

Eye liners

Pencil eye lines last 2 - 3 years while gel eye liners only last 4 - 6 months. When expired they tend to get dry.

Nail polish

They tend to last 1 - 2 years and you know they expired when they get extra goopy or has separated into layers and won't blend after a quick shake.


They last up to 2 years and if you notice a change in color or scent you know it's time to go to Bath and Body Works and go crazy! 


They last up to 8 - 10 years! If you notice that they are starting to smell different or lighten in color you know it's time for some new ones.

Always make sure to check your makeup and throw the old makeup away! Some makeup brands will let you know how long they last after you opened the product. Just look for this symbol.

I hope this was helpful and be honest, did you go check your makeup after reading this? Let me know in the comments.

Yari. Xoxo

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