Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Reuse your old candle jars.

Hello friends!

Today I wanted to do a very easy DIY for you guys!

We all love candles, right?
At some point we end up having a collection of empty candle jars and we don't know what to do with them. So today I want to show you how I reuse them.

Find one of the candle jars that you would like to reuse.

Place it in the freezer for one hour or overnight. The cold temperature will make the wax harden and also allow it to shrink for easy removal.

After leaving it overnight it's time to remove it from the freezer and grab a butter knife to remove all the wax and wicks on the bottom of the jar.

After removing the wax you could save it and use it later or throw it away.

Make sure to remove all the labels and glue.

Wash the jar to remove and glue that's still left. Rinse it of with water and use a napkin to dry it.

Now you're ready to use your new jar!

Have fun!

XOXO Yari.

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