Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vinted and Mercari App

I found this two apps on the app store about a month or so and I have been addicted! My personal favorite one is Mercari but I believe it is only available in the US. This two app are very similar and pretty much all you do is buy, sell or swap your clothes or things you don't need or want. You can find used things as well as new things! Like I said I have been addicted and I sold and bought a few things. They are both very easy to use. Vinted takes a little bit of the profit that you make when you sell an item but Mercari on the other hand doesn't. Mercari has very fast shipping. Most of my items arrived in just 2 to 3 days which is always nice since I hate waiting for things to get in the mail. Vinted has more clothing, accessories and shoes and they let you trade. On Mercari you can find pretty much anything even new cameras for amazing prices! Like I said before I like Mercari better because it is just so easy and you can find anything like makeup, things for the house, electronics, perfumes, dental care, baby items, clothing for male and woman and much more. I love to check them out late at night while I'm feeding my daughter because it gives me something to do and I can always try to get the best deals! I will make a post sharing with you the things that I have bought from the apps. I forgot to mention that Vinted also has a website if you don't like to be on your phone all the time!

Have any of you guys tried any of this apps? What do you think about them?

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