Monday, May 4, 2015

Cat Owners Can Relate

Today while I was cleaning my cat's litter box I started to think about a few things any cat owner can agree on so here's the list.

  • We all know that cleaning the litter box sucks!  
  •  You find litter everywhere! It gets ridiculous when you walk and feel litter on your feet or when you're on your bed and you find litter.
  • You are very likely to find cat hair in your food or drinks. 
  • They will try to eat your food or even drink your water and just look at you like you are supposed to share.
  • They think they are your kids.
  • They will always attack your feet or socks. 
  • They are very smart and some times they will do things on purpose like knock down something that you just picked up or fixed.
  • There's two kind of cats. You can either can have a very nice calm one or a crazy hyper cat!
  • You probably take longer buying their food than your own.
  • They would do anything for a treat. 
  • There's one toy that most cat owners own and that would be the laser pointer.
  • Even though they are crazy they are really good friends and they are very loving and loyal.
  • They are part of your family.
  • Even though they drive you crazy you get scared when you can't find them.
  • You will find feathers everywhere! It seems like all the cat toys include feathers or at least the toys that they actually like.
Can any of you cat owner agree with this? My cat is one of the crazy an hyper kind of cat but she is very loving with all of us including my daughter. We adopted her while I was pregnant and she used to lay next to my belly and also lick my belly. She used to love feeling the baby move and when my daughter was born she wasn't jealous at all. She loved my daughter from day one and she's still very close to her. We say that she is our cat daughter because she acts like it and because we love her so much that she is part of the family instead of just a pet. Sometimes they might drive you insane but they just want your love and attention. Are you a cat person or a dog person? I'm both! I love all animals! 

Leave a comment telling me know if you guys have any cats, dogs or any other animals. You guys could also share the pictures of them on my social media! I would love to see them.   


  1. I love this post!!
    My husband bought me a kitten for my birthday last month and we just can't imagine life without her. She's definitely part of the family. She is such a rascal though. She'll do anything to nibble on our fingers haha x.x.x.

    1. You just can't help it! It's like they put a spell on you with their cuteness and they just steal our hearts. They definitely love to nibble on fingers! Mine nibbles on us and then lick us when we look at her when she's nibbling on us and she loves to act like she is not doing anything. xoxo