Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's get back to business!

Hello guys! 

I'm finally back! I would like to thank you guys for your understanding, support and love after I posted the Life and Blog Update post. I know it has been over a month since I stopped blogging but like I said before I have been dealing with some personal problems and also moving to a new apartment but we are finally all set at the new apartment and even though all the problems are not solved yet I decided to start blogging again because even if we have problems life keeps going and I missed blogging a lot!  I hope you guys are doing good. Like I sad we just moved to a new apartment and on our fist night the 3 of us got a 24 hours virus. It was awful! The weather has been so bad lately as well that I haven't left the house at all since I don't want to take Alanna outside the house when it is -10 degrees Fahrenheit. I have been pretty much  just organizing thing around and buying a few things at Target since now I live next to one. Yesterday we ended up going to Target once again to get a few more things. Having Target to close to us is dangerous! lol Soon I will be posting some new blog posts for you guys. 

Thank You! 

Love, Yari.

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