Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Plug your holes wish list

Hello beauties!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything on here but I have been very busy with my daughter and I end up having no free time at all but I'm trying. Well anyway today I wanted to share my plugs and tunnels wish list. I think I mentioned before that I have stretched ears so I thought this would be a nice post to make. I will make this wish list just like my last one, you can click on the pictures and it would take you directly to the product link.

Pokeball plugs

Deathly Hallows plugs

Tri Force Plugs

Pug Wood Plugs

Floral Wood Plugs

Green Line Agate Plugs

Plug your holes is a great store, their plugs are amazing and they have so many to choose from. I definitely like way more than just the ones that I'm sharing with you but if I was to share them all this post would be extremely long! I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know if you did or didn't so I can keep making post like this or just don't even mention my stretched ears.


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