Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stay at Home Parents

There's one topic I have been wanting to talk about other than breastfeeding. I would like to talk about stay at home parents and "working" parents.

When I had my daughter I thought I was going to go back to work after my maternity leave was over but my fiance came up to me and talked to me about the possibility of staying at home taking care of our daughter and to be honest I never thought about it until then. Since she was born I started to breastfeed since it is such a good thing for the baby and let me tell you something, it gets really hard to breastfeed and work outside the house. In our case we decided that I would stay at home to take care of her because breastfeeding is very important to us and also because there's no one who would take better care of her than her me. I never noticed until now how other people think about stay at home parents and to be honest I think it's very sad to see and hear how bad the think about stay at home parents. I don't understand why they think stay at home parents are lazy and less than them just because they don't get payed to do the work they do everyday. Would you believe me if I told you that I may not get payed with money to do all the things I do but I get payed with love, hugs, kisses, laughs, smiles and with all the joy that a baby brings. I dedicate all my time to my daughter and to be honest the connection and relationship that we have is worth way more than money or anything money can buy. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that working parents don't have a good relationship with their child because that's not true but what I'm saying is that we get to enjoy all the little things they do and we don't miss any new things they learn or do because we are there with them the whole time. Being at home allows me to breastfeed without any trouble because let me tell you, people get so awkward when they see someone breastfeeding or when you even talk about it. I also get to make her baby food at home with organic fruits and vegetables, we get to play, read, dance and learn all day long just to make sure that she will meet her milestones while having fun.
We might not have a job at an office, store or any other place but I can tell you that being a mother is a full time job. I wish I could show others that being a stay at home parent is a job just like any other. I would like to help them change the way the think about stay at home parents. Most people don't see that stay at home parents actually do other things as well, some work from home, some sell things online or even take care of other kids or pets. We just don't sit and watch tv all day long without doing anything productive. 
I always thank my fiance for giving me the opportunity to take care of our daughter and stay at home with her because I feel so blessed that I can spend all my time with her. I know not everyone can afford to stay at home to take care of their child and that's why I am so grateful.

Are you a stay at home parent?
What's your opinion about stay at home parents?


  1. I feel scrutinised for being a stay at home parent but at the same time I was scrutinised when I was on my uni placement just after I gave birth. What I've learned is that people judge either way but I'm happy I get to spend the time I do with my little boy. I'm glad to see a post like this as it's nice to not feel alone!

    1. Don't feel alone because there are many other parents that feel like us and you are totally right people are going to judge no matter what we do.